Friday, May 27, 2016

And the Oscar goes to...

We’re blessed that on top of being a good kid, our kiddo is a good student. So when a letter addressed to the Parents of the Kiddo came in the mail stating he was to be at an academic awards ceremony at the high school last evening, we were pretty pumped. What was weird was that the letter didn’t say the first thing about what the award was for. So we did what all well-meaning parents do—we quizzed the kiddo, who knew nothing about any award, and we started having fun with the process.
For the last two weeks we’ve spent time guessing what award the kiddo was going to receive, which is funny since he’s a freshman and this awards ceremony is new to us and we don’t even know the categories. One night at dinner I very casually said I thought he’d been nominated for Best Original Score, wondering if my guys would get the joke. It seemed appropriate given we blast music for an hour and a half every morning before school. They both smiled and that was that. A few nights later the hubster came home from work and announced offhandedly he thought the kiddo had been nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Seriously, when this kid decides to argue with us, he could win an Oscar hands down. A few days later still, the kiddo said he thought he was up for Sound Editing. Ha! We went on like this the entire time we waited for the night to arrive, sticking with our categories while secretly wondering if the award was for debate--the kiddo had a great season and loved the class. Or maybe history? That’s his area of serious expertise. 
It turns out we were all wrong. Last night we clapped and beamed like the proud, embarrassing parents we are as the kiddo received the award for Best Foreign Language Film (outstanding achievements in French).

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