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Situation Saturday

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First day of Spring and Last Page Friday?

I know it's supposed to be First Page Friday in the book world but I thought I'd take a different route since it's also the first day of Spring.  I mean really.  Who am I to steal Mother Nature's limelight?

So here's where I left Eric (Grace 28 (unedited copy), book five in the Men of Faith series, coming 2016)...

When they first met and Claire dedicated her energy to caring for Eric, he watched from a place of adoration.  He’d never had someone attend every game just to watch him play.  A person that knew his stats and learned the plays and actually cared how he performed.  Looing back he had to admit the attention was intoxicating.  As time wore on, Eric struggled to comprehend why she didn’t seem to want to find something more suited to her talents and dreams.  You don’t have to worry with me so much, he recalled saying more than once.
Eric was a big enough man to admit that Brody was right, he couldn’t hope to buy his way out of trouble with Claire.  And he didn’t.  But he had no intention of walking into his home empty handed.  Deviating from the most direct route home, Eric checked his rearview mirror and saw Brody pull in behind him where Eric had stopped at the local grocery.  Claire used to love it when Eric made her coffee in the mornings.  The least he could do was buy a box of her favorite Kuerig K cups and a package of those dark chocolate toffee bites he knew she liked.  He didn’t have to hand them to her the moment he walked in the door but maybe she’d find them later and smile at the notion he’d been thinking of her.  Pointing toward Brody, Eric motioned him to stay put and hold on a second just before he disappeared through the doors of the Fresh Market.
“Oh no,” the young man behind the register said as Eric placed the coffee, chocolates and a potted mini rose bush near the scanner.  “What did you do?”  It was the million dollar question Eric wouldn’t be able to fully explain if he had a lifetime.
“Everything,” Eric replied, his eyes glued to the floor as he pulled two twenties from his wallet and grabbed his items, stepping toward the doors without even bothering to wait for his change.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Executive Officer's Wife...

I'm honored to have my fellow Script Chic and writing partner, Denisea Kampe, visiting this month celebrating a very important anniversary.  This is the story that started it all for Denisea and it's how she and I met.  We signed our first publishing contracts the same month with the same small press.  Wow, how the time flies!
Now let's hear from Denisea...
Five Years and I Still Love It (And Now…It’s Only $0.99!)
This month mark’s the five year anniversary of signing that first contract and I can still remember the excitement and dancing around the room. I also remember the shock factor of all the publishing world actually entails and later the oh crap feeling when I realized my first baby, The Executive Officer’s Wife, wasn’t all it could have been. Over the course of the past five years, The Executive Officer’s Wife has undergone some serious editing and is now in its second edition, a MUCH better rendition and telling of Libby and Chase’s story. Not only has it undergone major surgery, it managed to spawn a few questions from my readers, like what the heck happened to…fill in a secondary character’s name here. I’m happy to announce, some of my readers are going to be VERY happy to find out, a series has been spawned off The Executive Officer’s Wife and the first book, Parallax, is in its final stages before going off to the editor. I’m also happy to say, I still love my first baby and I still love writing.
The good news is, if you haven’t read The Executive Officer’s Wife, now is a great time! In celebration of its five year anniversary, it’s on sale at Amazon for Kindle for $0.99 for the entire month of March.

Target: Libby Calhoun. She’s independent and strong-willed, the daughter of a near infamous Marine Corps sniper. Libby’s been raised by the resident housekeeper, has learned to take care of herself over the years and doesn’t take crap off anyone. She’s also sassy and pretty darn cute. After one failed marriage she’s not in the market for love, a husband or any semblance of children. One night of hot sex should do it but that pesky situation with her father is making that near impossible. 

Security Agent: Chase Wayland. He’s not looking for love either but his golden-eyes sure can lure a girl in. Chase is a former Marine turned owner of his own security firm. He also has a failed marriage under his belt and trust isn’t in his vocabulary. There’s only one way in Chase’s world and that’s his way, whether anyone else agrees or not. 

Can these two live under the same roof after the incident? Chase seems to think so, as long as they ignore each other, play by his strict 'business only' policy and he makes Libby hate him. Libby thinks so, too, but she wants to do things her way. And her way means Chase’s resolve to be a good guy will be stretched to its limits, especially when she takes to the town in her red boots…
Please enjoy an excerpt…
“Didn’t your daddy ever tell you red boots would get you in trouble?” a familiar deep voice whispered into her hair.
Whirling around, her eyes met Chase’s.  “Yeah, he tried to warn me several times. Obviously it didn’t stick.”
Grabbing the now full tray, she left the station.  She deposited the officer’s drinks on their table and returned to pick up a couple of drafts for another crew while Chase leaned on the bar watching her every move.
“How long did it take to figure out where I went?” she asked, taking a couple of napkins from the pile beside her tray.
“About as long as it took for me to follow you here,” Chase told her, pushing his Stetson back.
“You were behind me?  Here I thought I might have actually made a clean getaway.” She trotted off again and on the third trip back saw him talking Murray.
Great, they’ll probably band together on this.
“It’s probably going to be hard to get that jar filled on this side of the bar,” Chase said, his attention back on her. His eyes roamed her from head to toe leaving a path of flames licking along Libby’s skin. She hoped her outfit was driving him crazy.  “Need any help?”
“Not from you,” she snapped.  It was then she noticed Trent and Phil at the end of the bar watching with what seemed to her to be pure amusement. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  “Kandy, can you take this one out for me?”
Libby left the tray and turning on her heel, she headed for the karaoke stage.  Grabbing the microphone that started her troubles with Chase in the first place, she returned to the bar and climbed on top of it.
“Good evening gentlemen,” Libby said in the sultriest voice she could summon.  Seductively strolling along the bar’s length, she was greeted with whistles and barks. “You all know my bodyguard by now I’m sure.” She pointed at Chase with the mic. “A few weeks ago he answered a challenge to fill my jar.  Well tonight he’s challenged me.  He seems to think I can’t fill it working the floor.”
Booing and groaning erupted as Libby watched Chase scowl at her and adjust his Stetson even higher. He looked up at her and took a visible breath.
“Last time I believe you all wasted your hard earned pay so he’d be able to, what was it? Dance with me, I believe?  That won’t be happening this time.  Tonight I’m up for auction.  It’s payday, fellas, so dig deep.  Whoever wins won’t be paying for someone else to hold me.” Libby finished her little speech and smirked at Chase.
Murray shook his head and Chase took a seat on the stool next to where Libby stood.  Murmurs ran through the bar as guys counted, and in some cases pooled, their funds.  She knew not one of them that would actually take her up on the holding her bit except maybe the new Lieutenant who didn’t know any better.
“Now then, who’ll start?”  Silence ensued.  “Come on, don’t be shy. You all know what this jar’s for.  Okay.  How about fifty dollars?  Anyone?” Libby prompted, shaking her hips and licking her lips playfully.
“I’ve got fifty,” one of the enlisted men shouted from a corner.
“A hundred….one-fifty over here…” And it went on and on until finally the new Lieutenant stood on his table and exuberantly shouted, “One thousand dollars!”
Everyone grew silent.  Libby looked down at Chase and saw the agitation churning in his eyes.
Standing up, he stared Milner down as he crossed his arms over his puffed up chest and calmly proclaimed, “Five thousand dollars.”
Libby’s mouth fell open and she dropped her hands to her sides.  No one could top that.  He wasn’t supposed to win.
When all the mumbling died down and no one challenged Chase’s outlandish bid, he coolly turned, took her by the waist and lifted her down from the bar.  “I’ll go to the bank in the morning and get the money.”  He slipped two fingers in her front pocket retrieving her car keys, burning her with the golden inferno in his eyes.  Finding them after grazing the edge of her hip where her panties stopped and her skin started, he tossed them at Phil.  “Drive her car home.”
Leaning over, Chase placed his shoulder at her waist, grabbed her by the legs, and hoisted her up and over his back.  With her dangling over his muscular shoulders, begging to be put down after realizing her plan had backfired, he strode across the floor and out the door.  A sickening round of ooh-rah’s followed them.
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Happy reading!
Denisea Kampe
Writing one realmantic moment at a time…

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It's 8 Sentence Sunday time! #WeWriWa

“Just once I want to be someone’s first choice,” Cali whispered to the floor, embarrassed at the inherent selfishness of such a statement.  She was the bratty baby of the family, ever the attention seeker as her mother was quick to point out.  And for once in her life Cali had to agree her mother was right.  “I can’t share you, Cooper.  I won’t take second place.”

“I would never ask that,” Cooper offered, his voice growing stronger as he stepped closer to her.  “Jessie is my future sister-in-law.”  Cooper placed his hands on Cali’s shoulders and she melted into the chair.

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Cooper Hensen is back in the Midwest, a place that holds haunting memories for him.  Worse, he’s been labeled the newcomer, the guy now responsible for replacing a pro bowl, quarterback superstar destined for the hall of fame.  And while the other guy’s name graces everything around the city from a children’s hospital to a golf course and philanthropic foundation, people keep misspelling Cooper’s, driving him crazy.  Twice in as many weeks he’s heard his neighbor, a die-hard other guy fan, refer to him as Copper.  Seriously?

Cali Carter is a hard charging, no non-sense district attorney determined to clean up the city of Indianapolis.  But lately things have shifted and she’s felt torn between her work and the position she fought so hard to achieve, and helping her sister, who’s struggling to manage her own young family and run the small cafĂ© where she’s invested all of her heart, not to mention her life savings.

When a bossy, quick thinker who likes to fix things meets a man with incredible potential clouded by a haunted past, can two household names find a balance of power within their relationship and share the spotlight?

Readers can find Faith 15 at the following: