Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's 8 Sentence Sunday time! #WeWriWa

“Just once I want to be someone’s first choice,” Cali whispered to the floor, embarrassed at the inherent selfishness of such a statement.  She was the bratty baby of the family, ever the attention seeker as her mother was quick to point out.  And for once in her life Cali had to agree her mother was right.  “I can’t share you, Cooper.  I won’t take second place.”

“I would never ask that,” Cooper offered, his voice growing stronger as he stepped closer to her.  “Jessie is my future sister-in-law.”  Cooper placed his hands on Cali’s shoulders and she melted into the chair.

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Cooper Hensen is back in the Midwest, a place that holds haunting memories for him.  Worse, he’s been labeled the newcomer, the guy now responsible for replacing a pro bowl, quarterback superstar destined for the hall of fame.  And while the other guy’s name graces everything around the city from a children’s hospital to a golf course and philanthropic foundation, people keep misspelling Cooper’s, driving him crazy.  Twice in as many weeks he’s heard his neighbor, a die-hard other guy fan, refer to him as Copper.  Seriously?

Cali Carter is a hard charging, no non-sense district attorney determined to clean up the city of Indianapolis.  But lately things have shifted and she’s felt torn between her work and the position she fought so hard to achieve, and helping her sister, who’s struggling to manage her own young family and run the small café where she’s invested all of her heart, not to mention her life savings.

When a bossy, quick thinker who likes to fix things meets a man with incredible potential clouded by a haunted past, can two household names find a balance of power within their relationship and share the spotlight?

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