Friday, July 14, 2017

The New Baby...

My dad has played guitar since the "old man across the street" taught him You Are My Sunshine when daddy was five which means the kiddo has grown up watching and listening to daddy play. When the kiddo's first electric guitar showed up under Pops and Grandma's Christmas tree seven years ago, I knew we were on a path. While he's inherited one of his Pops favorite acoustics, Pops came over Monday and confirmed that the kiddo has finally outgrown his old Christmas gift. I loved the look on his face as he watched his Pops play today. And then again when we surprised him with a trip to the guitar store. Needless to say we brought home a new baby. #thesearethedays #priceless #LesPaul

Today lunch (translate that to a reason to eat carrot cake) was the only way I could get the kiddo to give it a rest and stop playing guitar long enough for me to re-up the Advil. Seriously, I’ve lost track of how many hours he’s played since Monday but spitballing it gets me close to forty. I love to listen to him, I really do. But I also work from home so that means my office floor is vibrating since the main area of his new studio in our basement is right beneath my space on the main level. On a positive note, there's only been one song he's learned that I really don't like (Paranoia by Black Sabbath, which he assures me he only likes because it's in one of the Ironman movies). Other tunes he’s learned this week include the theme song to Sons of Anarchy, the love song (my term) from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and Crossfire by Stevie Ray Vaughn as well as a few from the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Seeger. He’s tossed in some Brad Paisley and Taylor for good measure and last night I even heard him playing the main riff from Staying Alive. 

Then there’s his main focus, which is any and everything by John Mayer. Like. All. John. All. The. Time. We’ve watched every minute of John’s Any Given Thursday (Live from Oak Mountain, 2002) concert and his Where The Light Is (Live in LA, 2007) concert as well as his VH1 Storytellers session (2009), which leads me to this thought… I sincerely hope John's mom had to listen to as much Clapton (John’s idol) as I am Mayer (the kiddos idol). #InYourAtmosphere  #CakeForLunch