Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Best Grandma Ever...

When I was 15 the cold war was still alive and well and it seems like everywhere I turned for a time, someone was talking about mutual assured destruction and the red menace and Russia, Russia, Russia! Maybe some of you 70’s and 80’s babies can relate…
Fast-forward 32 years and here we are again. War. Nuclear tests. Countermeasures. North Korea. MOAB. Everywhere we turn it seems war or talk of war surrounds us and I know first hand when you’re 15 that can be a tricky thing to process. Such is the way with the kiddo. He’s a history nerd to the max which means he knows more about history than some of us have forgotten and he’s a crack debater which means he’s up to the minute on current affairs. Ugh. These are dark days we find ourselves in. So where do the words of comfort come from? 
For me it was my grandma, the queen of the world. When I was shaky or confused about anything, including good ole Gorbachev back in the day, my grandma would sit with me and we’d talk it through. She always had just the right words to share; a little history, a little hope, a lot of faith.
And so it goes with me when the kiddo wants to talk about current events these days. I do my best to remember back to the times I sat with my grandma and listened to her gentle words of assurance. And I’m sure to mix in a little history, a little hope, and a lot of faith, with a big hug or two thrown in for good measure.  #BestGrandmaEVER

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