Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Anyone else feel like 2015 is racing by already?  It seems like I no more than got the Christmas tree put away and we were off to the races again, this time in the area of my writing life.

In the middle of writing of novel series, Men of Faith (Hope 22, Faith 15, Charity 12, Justice 45 and Grace 28), my muse, Arje (think brooding Norwegian taskmaster), decided to throw me a short story series.  Umm, Arje?  We're not going that direct right now, I argued, only to be glared at and shot down.  When this appeared from the graphics guru three days later, I was sold.  Jake and Haley's story is the first of three short stories set in Chicago, my home away from home.  

If you survive...

When Haley Ellis is left for dead, she knows her life will never be the same.  The public face of the largest fashion house in North America, Haley has fallen out of favor with the powers that be, the advertising execs seeking a much younger woman to take her place in the spotlight.  Haley never dreamed she’d be washed up at the tender age of twenty-six.

Can you rebuild?

Jake Austin has given up trying to force relationships.  While he longs for someone to share his life with, Jake’s content growing his private therapy practice and helping his dad keep the family recycling business in the black.

Or is it worth the risk?

When a chance trip to the wrong side of town on a frigid Chicago morning brings Jake and Haley together, there’s a moment when Jake believes fate might just be on his side.  But two white lies, one favor, and an empty hospital bed later, Jake realizes he’s the one that’s been left this time.  And that really stinks because Jake knows first hand no one deserves to be thrown away.

And earlier this morning while I was checking email, this little beauty landed in my inbox.  

I'm truly blessed to live this life and I'm grateful that I get to spend my days spinning stories for others to enjoy.  These are the days...

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